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Honest Tea: Nectar from Heaven?

January 10, 2010

I’m still amazed at how great Honest Tea and Honest Ade drinks are. Honest Ade Cranberry Lemonade is the best – it goes down so smoothly and has just the right mix of cranberry juice and lemonade – followed by Peach White Tea and Orange Mango with Mangosteen. The Honest Kids drinks are really good too – they’re light.  The pomegranate drinks are a little heavy but maybe that’s just me. Honest Tea/Ade is organic – the most important part of that is that it’s free of pesticides – and it also has less sugar than other drinks. Some of their teas have no sugar at all.

A couple of Izze drinks are giving Honest Ade a run for its money, though. The Sparkling Blackberry is great, and the Sparkling Clementine and Sparkling Grapefruit are very good too.  Izze drinks have real juice and “no refined sugars, no caffeine, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.” There are also a lot of Izze drinks I haven’t tried yet.

Ok, now Honest Tea has added Honest KOMBUCHA with probiotics. Sounds great.  This is just a little too much to keep up with, though. So anyway, here are my rankings:

1.  Honest Ade Cranberry Lemonade

2.  Honest Peach White Tea

3.  Izze Sparkling Blackberry

4.  Honest Ade Orange Mango with Mangosteen

5.  (Tie) Honest Kids, Izze Sparkling Clementine

(Yes, I know – I’m doing a blog about Honest Tea and Izze drinks while I have tons of unbelievably important stuff to do).

Sorry I’m Not Fat

December 23, 2009

Sorry I’m not fat.  I’m 6-5, 210.  Everybody thinks that’s too skinny but it’s actually right in line for the correct Body Mass Index (BMI).  Doctors say it’s the perfect weight to be for my height for optimum health.  Of course I’m always trying to gain muscle and lose fat.   But I think that our American culture celebrates people who are overweight.  Since so many people are obese, a person of average weight is perceived to be skinny.  6-5, 210 is normal in Europe.  Here, it’s a little thinner than average simply because there are so many people who carry extra pounds.

I have a couple of theories why we are so fat.  The first is football, our national pasttime.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big NFL fan.  But most NFL players, as well as many other professional athletes, take human growth hormone (HGH) to get bigger. I also think the football stereotype is celebrated.  Look at football coaches like Maryland’s Ralph Friedgen or the N.Y. Jets’ Rex Ryan.  They are very obese but I guess it’s ok for a coach.  You’d never see a hockey, soccer, or basketball coach looking like that.

Another reason for why we are so fat is because our diet is full of sugar, processed food, and fried foods.  So it’s normal to be 80 pounds overweight here.  Luckily people are slowly coming around. It’s not just the consumers’ fault.  Big corporations make the unhealthiest food the cheapest, so that’s what many people are forced to buy.

Honest Ade Cranberry Lemonade: Greatest Drink Ever?

October 30, 2009

I’m starting to think that Honest Ade’s Cranberry Lemonade is the greatest drink of all-time.  I love it so much.  It is the best.  It has just the right amount of sweetness.  It’s very easy to drink and goes down smoothly.  I can chug these things.  Regular cranberry juice is either too strong or too bitter, while regular lemonade usually has too much sugar in it, but this drink has just the right amount of sugar – about 12 grams per serving.  It could possibly use a couple fewer grams of sugar but you have to be realistic.  Buyers might not buy it if they took any more sugar out.  The cranberries and lemonade are an amazing blend.  If I saw you with an Honest Ade Cranberry Lemonade I might just assume you were a good person.

The ingredients are:  Purified water, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic lemon extract, organic cranberry juice concentrate, organic cranberry flavor, carrot extract (for color), and citric acid.  The only thing is that it can get expensive because they only sell it in 16.9 oz. bottles.

Water is actually the greatest drink of all time but I think this one is second.  Fresh squeezed orange juice would make the list too. Sometimes I’ll buy one Orange Mango with Mangosteen for every five or six Cranberry Lemonades just so the Orange Mango with Mangosteen won’t feel left out, but it can’t compare.  The other one I’ve been having lately is the Honest Tea Peach White Tea which doesn’t have the aftertaste of many teas and it has 150 mg of superantioxidant ECGC per bottle.  Remember, peaches came in ranked at number three on my list of the 10 most underrated fruits ( Actually, the list goes to 11.  But what are you going to take out? Lingonberries?  Nectarines?  Blackberries?  I don’t think so.

The Honest Kids drinks are also very good.

Honorable mention goes to the Honest Ade Superfruit Punch with Yumberry and Goji Berry.  Do you realize there is actually a review for this drink on the web at  Then there are actually two comments after the review!  Get a life, people.

Wait a minute… D’OH!

(By the way, “D’OH” is not an acceptable scrabble word.  I tried to use it the other night.  It’s urban legend that it has been added to the scrabble dictionary).

Nice segues by me, by the way.  My previous post was about NFL quarterbacks Vince Young and Jay Cutler.

Ok.  Now I’m officially blogging just to avoid doing important things that I need to get done.  So until the next post…