Sorry I’m Not Fat

Sorry I’m not fat.  I’m 6-5, 210.  Everybody thinks that’s too skinny but it’s actually right in line for the correct Body Mass Index (BMI).  Doctors say it’s the perfect weight to be for my height for optimum health.  Of course I’m always trying to gain muscle and lose fat.   But I think that our American culture celebrates people who are overweight.  Since so many people are obese, a person of average weight is perceived to be skinny.  6-5, 210 is normal in Europe.  Here, it’s a little thinner than average simply because there are so many people who carry extra pounds.

I have a couple of theories why we are so fat.  The first is football, our national pasttime.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big NFL fan.  But most NFL players, as well as many other professional athletes, take human growth hormone (HGH) to get bigger. I also think the football stereotype is celebrated.  Look at football coaches like Maryland’s Ralph Friedgen or the N.Y. Jets’ Rex Ryan.  They are very obese but I guess it’s ok for a coach.  You’d never see a hockey, soccer, or basketball coach looking like that.

Another reason for why we are so fat is because our diet is full of sugar, processed food, and fried foods.  So it’s normal to be 80 pounds overweight here.  Luckily people are slowly coming around. It’s not just the consumers’ fault.  Big corporations make the unhealthiest food the cheapest, so that’s what many people are forced to buy.


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