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Will LeBron James stay in Cleveland, or go to NY, NJ, Chicago, Miami, or…Washington?

May 31, 2010

People are starting to talk a little about the possibility of LeBron James playing for the Wizards in addition to the usual suspects of Cleveland, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, and Miami.  I personally think he’ll stay in Cleveland, and I almost want him to because I believe in loyalty.  But as a lifelong Bullets/Wizards fan, it would be great to see LeBron play here in D.C.

With overall number one picks Alex Ovechkin, Stephen Strasburg, and John Wall, not to mention Donovan McNabb, do we even have enough room for LeBron?  Of course we do.

An astute observer said in one of the comments to my article on that if LeBron signed with the Wizards, and Gilbert stays, they would be the most athletic team in the league, with Wall, Gilbert, LeBron, Blatche, and McGee.

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Books can help children with autism learn empathy and understand emotions

May 31, 2010

Children with autism are often very poor at identifying, understanding, and regulating emotions. They are usually especially deficient in empathizing, or understanding that other people have emotions. Emotion coaching is an area that doesn’t get enough attention.

The levels here are listed as beginner, intermediate, and advanced for simplicity. For kids who can’t read you can still read the books to them and break them down into simple terms. These books are great for neurotypical kids as well, of course.

These books on emotions are different than ones on social stories or social skills. There are many excellent books on learning to share, having good manners, and being safe and careful. Those are all necessary and great but books on emotions take it a step further.

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Ryan Zimmerman hits 100th and 101st career home runs but Nationals fall to Padres, 3-2 in 11 innings

May 30, 2010

Ryan Zimmerman hit his 100th and 101st career home runs but the Padres beat the Nationals, 3-2 in 11 innings as the Nats fell below .500.

Pinch hitter Nick Hundley’s two-out, 11th inning single off Matt Capps to left field drove in Lance Zawadzki for the winning run in San Diego. Zawadzki had reached base on an infield single off Sean Burnett (0-3) that Adam Kennedy threw into the dugout, allowing Zawadzki to advance to second base.

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Could LeBron James decide to play for the Washington Wizards?

May 30, 2010

Ten days ago, this reporter blogged that LeBron James should play for the Washington Wizards.

Is it so crazy to think James could end up in Washington? New York, New Jersey, Miami and Chicago have been the teams most often mentioned, but so far not many people have talked about James coming to D.C., except a few wacky writers.

For LeBron to come to Washington, the Wizards would most likely have to trade Gilbert Arenas. The Wizards are expected to attempt to trade Arenas anyway now that they have the chance to draft Kentucky point guard John Wall with the first overall pick. LeBron would like to play with Wall according to recent reports.

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Redskins reaching out to old players, finally

May 28, 2010

The Redskins’ golden era of four Super Bowls in 10 seasons was the greatest decade for any Washington area sports franchise. However, owner Dan Snyder has not done a good job of reaching out to former players to make them feel welcome at Redskins Park. Until now.  On June 17, the Redskins will host a long overdue alumni event.

Here are a couple of links from my Redskins blog from the 2008 Hall of Fame ceremony when Art Monk and Darrell Green were inducted.  You can see several photos of former Redskins, including Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders, Jim Lachey, Rick “Doc” Walker, and Don Warren.

DC United defeats Ronaldinho and AC Milan 3-2 in international friendly at RFK Stadium

May 27, 2010

The team in black and red put on a show in front of a raucous crowd of 30,367 at RFK Stadium Wednesday night, but it wasn’t AC Milan. DC United, not the Rossoneri, was the team that provided world-class play as United outlasted AC Milan 3-2.

United’s fan club Barra Brava did their usual rowdy chants and celebrations at old school, rusty RFK, which is still one of the best football stadiums in the country. Supporters of AC Milan were also out in full force, creating an electric atmosphere.

It looked like DC United would be in for a long night when less than a minute into the game, Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho served up a no look pass to Pato. But United goalie Bill Hamid, 19, challenged Pato and caught his shot from close range.

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DC locals Oguchi Onyewu, Clarence Goodson, and Maurice Edu named to U.S. World Cup soccer team

May 27, 2010

The U.S. World Cup roster was announced today and three Washington, D.C. area players made the squad.

Coach Bob Bradley named Oguchi Onyewu, a 28-year old defender who grew up in Olney and went to Sherwood High to the squad. Onyewu, a world-class defender, plays for AC Milan, one of the top teams in Europe. However, he had been sidelined for the past seven months after knee surgery so it was uncertain whether he would make the team.

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Government Coverup

May 24, 2010

One year and two days ago I asked the question, “Who is more awesome:  Hillary Clinton or President Allison Taylor of 24?”

It was a ridiculous question, because no one is more awesome than Hillary Clinton.  President Taylor was involved in a government coverup.  I hate government coverups.

Andrew Wakefield, doctor who said MMR vaccine may cause autism, banned from practicing in Britain

May 24, 2010

British doctor Andrew Wakefield has lost the ability to practice medicine in the United Kingdom. The British General Medical Council ruled today that the doctor, who authored an infamous study in 1998 theorizing a potential link between the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism, had acted in a “dishonest”, “misleading” and “irresponsible” way. The ruling of professional misconduct comes the same day Wakefield’s new book is released.

“The panel has determined that Dr Wakefield’s name should be erased from the medical register,” the GMC said in a statement. “Dr Wakefield’s continued lack of insight as to his misconduct serve only to satisfy the panel that suspension is not sufficient and that his actions are incompatible with his continued registration as a medical practitioner,” it said.

The GMC found Wakefield guilty of serious professional misconduct in failing to release financial details of conflicts of interests related to his research, among other improprieties.  The GMC case centered around Wakefield’s research methods but did not investigate the legitimacy of Wakefield’s findings.

“Efforts to discredit and silence me through the GMC process have provided a screen to shield the government from exposure on the … MMR vaccine scandal,” Wakefield said.

In Wakefield’s new book, “Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines: The Truth Behind a Tragedy,” he describes the MMR vaccine controversy and defends himself against charges that he acted dishonestly and irresponsibly in conducting research.

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Derek Fisher involved in another headbutt, this time with Steve Nash

May 23, 2010

Derek Fisher headbutted Steve Nash tonight in the face toward the end of the game.  It was hard to tell if it was intentional but last year Fisher made a very dirty play when he headbutted Luis Scola of the Houston Rockets.  Seems a little suspicious.  Now it turns out that Nash’s nose is broken.  Both plays happened in similar situations – at the end of games when the Lakers had already lost.  The Lakers went on to win the series against the Rockets last year.  True, Nash is tough but the point is that playing with a broken nose could hurt Nash and the Suns the rest of the series.  Yes, last year’s incident was very blatant while this one appears to be an accident, but don’t let that fool you – you don’t guard another player’s face with your head like Fisher did.