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Vancouver Winter Olympics: the fans

February 22, 2010

I spent five days at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver last week.  It was an amazing experience.  I’ve always loved the Winter Olympics so this was a chance for me to see them and also see a new area.

Vancouver is an incredible city and the people were great. One of the main memories I have is simply walking through downtown at night and seeing wall to wall people walking and celebrating, wearing their Canada jerseys and singing “Oh, Canada.”

Most of my blogs in the past have been a lot of text without too many photos, so for the next few ones I’ll just post some photos with a minimum of words.  I got some good pictures and others that were ok but not great. I sold my good camera a while ago and used a cheap one for this trip.

So the first set of photos are of fans who dressed up in the colors of their countries.  I was pretty conservative, just wearing a Capitals hat, but a lot of Canadians commented




that they liked the hat.  It looks like the Caps have gained a lot of respect, plus it’s a cool, simple hat with just the eagle logo and nothing else.  They call it a “tuque.”

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With Norwegian fans at the Nordic Combined event.

Norwegian Hansen brothers at the Vancouver Olympics?

With a Swedish fan at the Vancouver Olympics

With Swedish twins at the Vancouver Olympics.

Finnish fans at the Vancouver Olympics

Norwegian fans love cross-country skiing at the Vancouver Olympics.

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