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Is New York a bad baseball town or just a mediocre one?

July 14, 2010

I was just looking at the New York Yankees’ annual attendance figures.  They have 27 World Series championships but unfortuately, their fans haven’t been very loyal, except for the past 12 years or so.

From 1913 to 1945, the Yankees never averaged more than 20,000 fans per game. Same from 1962 to 1975 – no seasons in which they averaged more than 20,000.

Then we have 1989 to 1996, when the Yankees never averaged more than 30,000 fans per season despite  winning a World Series title in 1996. The first five (non-winning) years of the Washington Nationals’ franchise, the Nats have averaged more fans than the Yankees did from 1992-1996.

The funny thing is that Yankees fans think they’re real fans, though they root for a team that has by far the biggest payroll in baseball.  Are you also going to root for poker players who get an extra card or two?  Fair weather fans — like LeBron James.

Before you talk about the Yankees’ attendance being better than most other teams, remember that New York is by far the largest city in the country, and the 27 World Series titles should draw fans for them.


Vancouver Winter Olympics: the city

February 24, 2010

Some photos of the great city of Vancouver during the Olympics:

In front of the Olympic flame in Vancouver.

False Creek, Vancouver

Fans celebrating in downtown Vancouver during the Olympics.

Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

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Vancouver Winter Olympics: the fans

February 22, 2010

I spent five days at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver last week.  It was an amazing experience.  I’ve always loved the Winter Olympics so this was a chance for me to see them and also see a new area.

Vancouver is an incredible city and the people were great. One of the main memories I have is simply walking through downtown at night and seeing wall to wall people walking and celebrating, wearing their Canada jerseys and singing “Oh, Canada.”

Most of my blogs in the past have been a lot of text without too many photos, so for the next few ones I’ll just post some photos with a minimum of words.  I got some good pictures and others that were ok but not great. I sold my good camera a while ago and used a cheap one for this trip.

So the first set of photos are of fans who dressed up in the colors of their countries.  I was pretty conservative, just wearing a Capitals hat, but a lot of Canadians commented




that they liked the hat.  It looks like the Caps have gained a lot of respect, plus it’s a cool, simple hat with just the eagle logo and nothing else.  They call it a “tuque.”

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With Norwegian fans at the Nordic Combined event.

Norwegian Hansen brothers at the Vancouver Olympics?

With a Swedish fan at the Vancouver Olympics

With Swedish twins at the Vancouver Olympics.

Finnish fans at the Vancouver Olympics

Norwegian fans love cross-country skiing at the Vancouver Olympics.

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Artie Lange, Joe Buck, and Howard Stern

June 17, 2009

I’ve been holding this blog for a while, but now seems a good time to post it following the Artie Lange – Joe Buck controversy.  Artie went nuts on Buck’s inaugural show on HBO.  It was kind of a horror show, but I have to admit, some of it was funny, and some of it was riveting, though some of it was also awkward.  I do give Artie credit for being outrageous, but Stern himself is smarter, wittier.  Lange is being somewhat of a caricature.   

Anyway, Stern fans, let me say again, as I say on my other Stern blog entry, that the reason I can criticize the show like this is because I have been a big fan of the show for more than 25 years.  (I also write blogs partly to drive traffic to my websites, such as  Also, I don’t agree with everything on the show, so for those of you who may think some things on the show are inappropriate, I may agree with you on some of that.  I don’t like anything that is demeaning to women.  But I think the show celebrates women more than demeans them.  And I will admit, that though this missive seems harsh, Artie can sometimes tell a good story and it’s not like he never says anything funny.

Let me preface this by saying that I understand that a lot of fans like Artie.  I mean, a lot of fans love Artie.  But I just don’t get it.  I think the fat, drunk, druggie, tough guy, blue collar New Jersey guy act has been milked for all it’s worth.  Artie wants to be like John Belushi and Chris Farley.  Yes, we get it.  He’s always bragging about how he eats so much, drinks so much, goes to prostitutes, and has a drug problem.  He’s just not that funny at all.  He purposely eats a lot so he can continue this image.  Cupcakes and Hawaiian Punch?  Who actually drinks Hawaiian Punch?  You’re not a little kid living in the 70s.  He also loves the Italian stereotype, but he’s half German. 

He goes on too long with his stories, speaks too loudly, and a lot of his jokes fall flat.  Sorry, but like Howard, I have to be honest and tell it like it is.  Howard gives Artie way too much airtime, and Artie can’t tell a concise story.  Part of the reason Howard has Artie is because he needs a so-called tough guy since Howard was so into American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, chess, and he doesn’t like sports.  But Artie isn’t even a big sports fan.  He likes the Yankees, and he has decent knowledge of baseball, but other than that, his knowledge is pretty limited.  In fact, for someone who calls himself a sports fan, his lack of overall knowledge is astounding. 

I don’t believe Artie is still on drugs but he probably still is drinking.  Either way, they’ve milked all they can out of this.  It’s one thing to be self-deprecating but Artie relishes his image and brags about being a druggie.  Artie loves to talk about it all the time.  It’s as if Howard has gotten bored with the show and just wants to let Artie take over 1/3 of the show.  It’s getting really old.  Remember, Stern listeners are known for listening for a very long time, not just 10 minutes like regular radio listeners, so the show shouldn’t do the same things over and over.   They obsess over Artie’s problems on the Wrap-Up Show and Super Fan Roundtable.  This was old years ago.

I think the Stern show could do just as well by rotating comedians – Gilbert Gottfried, Richard Lewis, Dave Attell, Nick DiPaulo, Greg Fitzsimmons, Richard Belzer, David Brenner, David Alan Grier, Colin Quinn (he’s not doing anything), Greg Giraldo, Paul Mooney, Judah Friedlander (I knew him in school.  Well, barely – I played tennis with his brother.  I know, I’m stretching it on the celebrity name-dropping here), Norm MacDonald (though this might not work because he’s friends with Artie), Jackie Martling, and maybe a few others. 

By the way, I know Jackie isn’t a real comedian, and don’t try to say Artie is a lot better than Jackie because Artie’s role is to tell stories and Jackie’s role was to write one-liners for Howard and pass them to him.  Of the comedians I list above, the ones I could see replacing Artie are Dave Attell or Greg Giraldo, or slightly behind them, Greg Fitzsimmons, David Alan Grier, Colin Quinn, or Jackie.