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Complaints about Mac and Microsoft

June 2, 2009

Some complaints about Macintosh and Microsoft:  


  • Takes too long to start up, even though it’s faster than a PC.  
  • Won’t shut down unless you keep it open for about five seconds after clicking “shut down.”
  • Has no delete button.  Or rather, the delete button is a backspace button, and in order to delete text to the right, you have to use both hands to press two separate buttons.
  • Safari is slow.
  • The only main advantages I see are that Macs are mostly not susceptible to viruses and system crashes but that’s like saying, “It’s not terrible,” rather than “It’s great.”  The photo program doesn’t seem that great although the movie making program is pretty good.  


  • Obviously, Windows PC’s have tons of problems and customer service is terrible, but that’s not news.
  • Word:  I cannot believe that the current version isn’t backwards compatible.  It is so inefficient to send attachments that some people can’t read.  Of course they do that so more people will buy the newest version, but it’s so useless.  If I have to save documents in the earlier version so everyone can read them, what is the point of having the newest version?  
  • Excel:  It is unbelievably user unfriendly.  I’m good with numbers, graphs, etc. but there are some things that I just can’t figure out no matter how hard I try.  I go through every menu item and it’s not there until I realize you have to right click to get to certain areas.  It is just not simple and intuitive. 

Windows vs. Apple

December 4, 2008

Well, this one isn’t too original, and when I state in my intro paragraph about my blog that some of my entries may be frightfully boring, here’s an example.  Anyway, I’m finally switching from Windows to Mac computers.  A few years ago I had a Windows PC crash with all my data on it.  Apparently this is fairly common.  When I went to find out how much it would cost to recover my data, the answer was $1200.  And that’s with no guarantee that they’d get any of it back.  Then I got a new computer from Worst Buy in Rockville, Maryland.  It needed two hard drives replaced and the DVD drive replaced, it had problems four separate times, and I didn’t have it from August through the beginning of November except for the few times I had it back from the Geek Squad. 


At least I had another Windows pc, a laptop.  Of course, this one got so hot that I burned myself.  Also, the left click button on the mouse sometimes clicks on whatever it’s on without me touching it.  That’s right, if the cursor is over the “send” button on an email message for example, it might send it even if I don’t touch the mouse.  And, the cursor jumps from one place to another so sometimes I can’t write more than two words without losing my spot.  Sometimes it doesn’t shut down right either.  Anyway, I haven’t had a chance to take the laptop in for repair.  Because I need a computer!  Usually a car repair can be done in a day but a computer takes a month??? 


Back to the desktop PC – the customer service representatives acted as if the computer being in the shop for the better part of three months was no big deal, and they were rude along the whole way.  I’ve never even used a Mac, but it can’t be any worse than Windows.