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Joe Walsh on the Eagles

April 13, 2013

There was a good Eagles documentary recently. In it, guitarist Joe Walsh says of all the turmoil that went on with the band:

“So much stuff just happened. There’s a philosopher who says, as you live your life, it appears to be anarchy and chaos and random events, non-related events, smashing into each other and causing this situation and then this happens and it’s overwhelming and it just looks like, what in the world is going on. And later when you look back at it, it looks like a finely crafted novel. But at the time, it don’t. And a lot of the Eagles’ story is like that.”

That’s pretty cool. I’ll have more on the Eagles’ documentary later.


Michael Vick is great from the pocket

September 11, 2011

During Philadelphia’s 31-13 win over the St. Louis Rams Sunday, Brian Billick said on Fox that Michael Vick needs to be able to play well from the pocket, implying that he can only succeed on the run.

Vick finished last season with a passer rating of over 100 in the pocket. It’s a complete myth that he can only play on the run.  Vick also got criticism for supposedly not being a quarterback earlier in his career when all he does is win.

Michael Vick getting the credit he deserves, proving critics wrong

November 27, 2010

Former Virginia Tech star Michael Vick has received widespread praise for his play quarterbacking the Philadelphia Eagles, and rightfully so.  After Vick accounted for six touchdowns in a 59-28 road win against the Redskins two weeks ago, many NFL experts called Vick a possible MVP candidate, and some even called him the best player in the NFL.

But many members of the media who have nothing but good things to say about Vick, especially the talking heads on ESPN, are the same people who insisted that Vick would play a different position once he returned to the NFL.

Virtually every analyst at ESPN either said that Vick would not only come back playing a different position, but that he was never a good quarterback in the first place. Chris Mortensen of ESPN was one of many who said Vick might play receiver, defensive back, and return kicks, and do it in the UFL, whatever that is.  It’s funny how none of those “experts” admits he was wrong.  At least one blogger predicted before the 2009 season that Vick would be successful again as a quarterback, though, and gave Vick credit for winning 10 more games than he lost.

The trade last spring that brought former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Redskins made Washington better, but who would have thought that not only would the Eagles stay playoff bound, but the Vick would be their starter? Vick has become a better player since he has become the starter for Philadelphia, and he has also been helped by Eagles coach Andy Reid and good receivers. But there was a reason Vick was the highest played player in the game before he got busted for dogfighting.  Vick’s ability to throw, run, and throw on the run struck fear into the hearts of defenses.

Ask defenders who they fear more, a quarterback who can hurt them in multiple ways, or an interception machine like Jay Cutler or Brett Favre?  Quarterbacks like Cutler and Favre get overrated, while quarterbacks like Vick have traditionally been underrated (Jemele Hill of has an idea why).

Vick has paid his price and made a great comeback.  But back to the original point: when it comes to football, Vick deserves all the credit he gets.  It’s just staggering, though, how so many so-called experts said that a quarterback who was 10 games over .500 for his career not only couldn’t play anymore, but was never any good in the first place.  It was also strange that these carnival barkers, many of them former players and writers, also said Vick wouldn’t return as a quarterback.

But if you said that Vick couldn’t play quarterback, and even tried to tell everybody that he was never any good in the first place, at least admit you were wrong about his ability two years ago when you talk about how great he is now.

To see my entire article on, click here.

Philadelphia Eagles would be crazy to get rid of Donovan McNabb

March 31, 2010

I cannot believe the Eagles are considering getting rid of Donovan McNabb and giving the QB job to Kevin Kolb.  Why would a team that is always on the verge of the Super Bowl give up a top 10 QB — maybe top 5 when he’s at his best — and start over.  First they get rid of Brian Westbrook and now maybe McNabb?  He led them to the playoffs last year and we’ve seen teams finish 10-6 and win the Super Bowl.

If the Eagles get rid of McNabb, I will root so hard against them.  It would be justice if McNabb went to the Vikings and won the Super Bowl.  I think the Redskins should go after him but the Eagles probably wouldn’t trade him within the division.

If they do trade McNabb, and right now the Raiders look like the leading contenders, they should start Michael Vick instead of Kolb.  Why hand the keys to someone who hasn’t played much at all?

Ultimately, maybe the Eagles will come to their senses and keep McNabb and trade Vick, who should have a chance to start somewhere.

But if they do trade McNabb, I will be rooting for the Eagles to fail.  As a Redskins fan I already do, but this time it will be even more intense.

American University basketball: fun for kids, and everyone else too

March 2, 2010

I’ve been telling parents for a while that it’s a great idea to take their kids to see the American University basketball team play. Wizards games can be good but they’re expensive, depending on your seats it can be hard to see the action, and it can be very loud in the Verizon Center.

AU basketball games are a well kept secret, and would be good for kids to see to learn the game of basketball and also get involved in cheering for a local team in a manageable atmosphere.  The capacity for basketball at Bender Arena is only 4,500.

Anyway, this is almost coming too late, because there is only one definite home game remaining.

Tomorrow, Wednesday March 3 at 7:30, fourth-seeded AU hosts fifth-seeded Navy in the quarterfinals of the Patriot League Tournament. Tickets are as low as $6.  AU is 10-19 overall and 7-7 in the conference.  They made the NCAA tournament each of the last two seasons, and played Tennessee and Villanova close before those teams pulled away late in the second half of both games.

This year has been a rebuilding year, but if they beat Navy and then pull a couple of upsets, they can make the NCAA tournament.

Go to the where Nebraska Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue meet in NW Washington to American University and check out the game.  You and your kids will have a lot of fun rooting on the Eagles.

What’s in my Ipod?

April 25, 2009

First, I’m not egotistical enough to think that anybody cares what songs are in my Ipod.  But I figure it’s easy material to write for my blog, which I partly use to drive traffic to my websites (,, and  Second, I don’t actually have any songs in my Ipod yet – I still have the CDs I made a few years ago, and I carry around a portable CD player when I run.  (I might as well have a portable 8-track player). I decided to put songs on it that would inspire me while I run.  It’s a pretty good cross-section of songs, from oldies to soft rock to classic rock to alternative to heavy metal to rap.  There are a lot of my favorite groups that aren’t represented but I’ll list a few of them at the end. But anyway, here is the list. 

·      Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby

·      Boston – A Man I’ll Never Be

·      Bruce Springsteen – The River

·      Cat Stevens – Wild World

·      Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman*

·      Crosby Stills and Nash – Southern Cross*

·      Cult – She Sells Sanctuary

·      Cult – Fire Woman

·      Cure – Elise

·      Dido – White Flag

·      Disturbed – Down with the Sickness

·      Eric B. and Rakim – Paid in Full

·      Goo Goo Dolls – Iris

·      Goo Goo Dolls – Slide

·      Guns and Roses – November Rain

·      Courtney Love – Malibu

·      James Taylor – Fire and Rain

·      James Taylor – You’ve Got a Friend

·      Journey – Only the Young

·      Journey – Separate Ways

·      Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird

·      Marvin Gaye – What’s Goin’ On

·      Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction

·      Morrissey – How Soon is Now?

·      Smiths – Every Day is Like Sunday

·      P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

·      Public Enemy – Can’t Truss It

·      Public Enemy – Fight the Power*

·      Rod Stewart – Mandolin Wind

·      Sam Cooke — You Send Me*

·      Simon and Garfunkel – Bridge over Troubled Water

·      Soundgarden – Outshined

·      Staind – So Far Away*

·      Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me

·      U2 – Bad

·      U2 – Until the End of the World

·      U2 – Unforgettable Fire*

·      U2 – Zooropa

·      Van Halen – Unchained*

·      Van Halen – Right Here Right Now*

·      White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ‘65

·      White Zombie – More Human than Human

These aren’t my favorite songs of all time or my favorite groups of all time (although there would be a lot of overlap) – just those that are on my three mix CDs.  There are a lot of great bands that aren’t represented because I had been listening to them so much that I had to put other ones on.  Some of my other favorites – in many cases I like these bands better than the ones on the list – are the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Steely Dan, Rush, the Cars, the Police, REM, Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Bob Marley, and probably a ton that I’m forgetting. 

Then of course there are Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones, but I’m not as high on them as most people are, though of course there are individual songs by them that would blow away some of the songs on this list.  There are also a couple of one-hit wonders on this list, and some songs that are far from the best by that particular group.  Then there are groups that I liked a lot growing up (i.e, Styx), but not so much now.  All in all, though, it’s a pretty good list.  I put a star next to ones that are particularly inspiring.