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Are these the worst NBA playoffs ever?

May 22, 2010

No drama at all, boring games, too many sweeps.  The playoffs were so much better years ago.  It seems like the Suns, Mavs, Spurs and Lakers had some amazing 6 and 7 game series in the last decade, and in the 90s it was the same for the Pacers and Knicks, plus you had Jordan and the Bulls.  Remember the Lakers-Kings and Lakers-Blazers series?  True, the league gave the series to the Lakers back then but they were unbelievably dramatic games.  The Kings in 2002 were one of the best teams ever – the best passing team I’ve ever seen.  Back in the 78 series the Washington Bullets got by the Iceman and the Doctor, beating the Spurs and Sixers in 6 games each, then outlasted the Sonics in 7 games, winning the title on Seattle’s home floor.  The quality of play is much worse now.  We can only hope for a 7 game series between the Lakers and the Celtics.