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Kornheiser and Wilbon: sick of hearing about New York and Chicago

March 24, 2011

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon constantly talk about New York and Chicago on Pardon the Interruption. It’s as if they are ashamed of the last three decades that they have spent in Washington, D.C.  It’s so weird to hear Kornheiser on PTI say, “I’m a New Yorker” and to hear Wilbon say things like Derrick Rose of Chicago is a hands down choice to win the MVP in the NBA even though others like Dwight Howard, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant are equally deserving.

Kornheiser has been in Washington for half his life – 31 years, yet he loves to tell everyone he’s a New Yorker.  Both Kornheiser and Wilbon completely ignore the championship history of the Washington Bullets, yet they’re perfectly willing to acknowledge the championship history of the Redskins.  Kornheiser is always talking about the 1970s Knicks.

Never once has he mentioned the Bullets.  I’m just tired of hearing these Washingtonians constantly talk about their previous hometowns.


Wilbon: Stop campaigning for LeBron to go to Chicago – nobody cares that you’re from Chicago

July 7, 2010

Tomorrow night at 9 on ESPN Michael Wilbon will be part of LeBron James’ hour-long special on where James will play.  It’s a conflict of interest because Wilbon has campaigned for LeBron to go to Chicago or New York. Wilbon says LeBron doesn’t have a good chance to win titles in Cleveland, but that’s not true at all.  He has just as good a chance there as anywhere else. The Cavs have won an average of 63 games the past two seasons and even if they have the same team as last year, they’d be the second best team in the east, with Orlando barely edging them out.  LeBron’s best chance to win is in Cleveland and they’ll surely add another good free agent or two. They won’t have Shaq anymore – that will immediately make them better.

Another thing about Wilbon is he’s constantly talking about Chicago, where he lived more than 30 years ago. Who cares? The answer is nobody, outside of those in Chicago. Wilbon is a good writer, but I’d rather see the Post hire someone who isn’t constantly talking about where he lived as a kid. At least Mike Wise doesn’t constantly talk about Hawaii or New York where he worked previously.  It’s bad enough we have to listen to Kornheiser constantly crowing about New York.

Washington Capitals

January 10, 2010

I went to the Caps-Ottawa Senators game the other night.  Nicklas Backstrom had a great wraparound goal and Alex Ovechkin had another great one as he used his speed to charge straight on at the goal.

I was struck by the fact that almost the whole crowd was wearing red, many of them wearing Alex Ovechkin uniforms.  It was a great decision to change the Caps uniforms back to red, white, and blue, with mostly red. The old uniforms – the blue and bronze that the Wizards currently have – were awful.  The Wizards should change back to red white and blue as well as they’re in the nation’s capital.  It’s be great if the Wizards changed their name back to Bullets but that probably won’t happen in light of the Gilbert Arenas incident.

I noticed for the first time the 1978 Washington Bullets NBA Champions team photo on the side of the Verizon Center.  It’s nice to see that.  They may have just put it up after the death of the owner, Abe Pollin, because there’s also an enlarged photo of Pollin there. That 1978 championship team is one of the most underappreciated championship teams of all-time. The talking heads most closely associated with Washington sports, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon, never mention this team.  They arrived in Washington around 1980 and they act as if the championship never happened since it didn’t happen while they were here.

One other measure of how Caps fans are louder than Wizards fans now — and in fact I’m pretty sure it has always been that way — is that I decided to go to a Caps game instead of a Wizards game since I was on a first date. I hate when I’m at a place that is so quiet so the people right next to you can hear your entire conversation.  It’s why going for coffee is a great idea in theory but can be awkward if someone is sitting at the table right next to yours on a laptop.  She and I talked the whole time and at a Wizards game, the people in front, behind, to the left, and to the right of us would have heard every word.  I knew we wouldn’t have that problem at the Caps game and we didn’t.