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Wade Phillips: A much better coach than Bill Parcells was with Dallas, and their records prove it

October 21, 2010

I hate Dallas so I love to see them lose.  But it’s amazing how fans and media care more about image than winning.  You never ever heard any criticism of Bill Parcells.  He was the ultimate coaching genius, right?  His record as Dallas coach?  34-30, with an 0-2 record in the playoffs.

Wade Phillips has a record of 34-19, with a record of 1-2 in the playoffs.  So Phillips’ record is much, much better than Parcells’ record, yet Phillips gets tons of criticism while Parcells is considered a god.

The difference?  Press conferences.  People like Parcells because he seems like a dictator or a general while Phillips isn’t full of B.S. and self-promotion like Mrs. Doubtfire is.  Phillips is honest and straightforward and the media doesn’t like that.  They don’t like his personality.  They loved Parcells.

Again, Phillips is 34-19 with a playoff record of 1-2.

Parcells was 34-30 with the Cowboys with a playoff record of 0-2.

In fact, Phillips could lose 11 games in a row — every game for the rest of the season, finishing 1-15, and still have the same record the great Parcells had as coach of Dallas (34-30).  But at least Phillips won a playoff game.  It’s true that Parcells turned the team around after three losing seasons in a row, but Phillips also improved on Parcells.

In the NFL, winning doesn’t matter.  Michael Vick is 40-28-1 as a starter, but every commentator before this year claimed he was a terrible quarterback, while Jay Cutler, with a career losing record, was considered brilliant before last season.  People also hate Vince Young, even though all he does is win.

I hate Dallas, but I also like it when people’s opinions are based on facts.

You’ll hear a lot of people this season ridicule Phillips and you’ll hear just as many fawn over Parcells because it sounds like Parcells, or Mrs. Doubtfire, the Larry Brown of the NFL, is looking for another team.  But just remember that Wade Phillips has been much more successful than Parcells as coach of Dallas, and it’s not even close.


Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?? Don’t talk about PLAYOFFS!!

January 10, 2010

As a Redskins fan, you end up adopting other teams during the playoffs. I’m rooting for the Colts in the AFC and the Saints and Packers in the NFC. I was also rooting for the Bengals.  I was rooting against the Jets because of their arrogance, and against the Cowboys because they’re the Cowboys. So I’m 0-2 so far.  I’m also rooting against the Chargers because of Never Nervous Norvus. One other thing – it’d be nice to see Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay eventually beat Brett Favre and Minnesota.

As much as I hate Dallas – and it would be terrible if they were to win the Super Bowl – the silver lining in their win over Philly is that Wade Phillips got his first playoff win.  I think Phillips has been unfairly criticized. Phillips has been much maligned, and there’s only one reason:  he doesn’t fit the mold of a typical coach.  He’s not a strict disciplinarian.  He’s not pompous during his press conferences.  He tells it like it is.  He wears sweatshirts.

People want someone to act like a Brian Billick or a Marty Schottenheimer — someone who speaks in platitudes (I just had to look that one up).  We love the way Herman Edwards said, “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME” even though he was 6-26 in his final two seasons as coach of the Chiefs.  These days, NFL head coaches are mostly public relations people who deal with the media.  The people who really affect teams are the assistant coaches.

I believe that most people are awed by someone with an authoritarian voice.  It matters less the content of what is said than how it is said.

Likewise, people want athletes to fit a certain mold.  Doug Flutie could have been a great NFL quarterback but was rarely given a chance because of his height.  People would rather have a taller quarterback even if he can’t play. Too much emphasis is placed on style rather than effectiveness.

Anyway, back to the NFL playoffs. (I know, I’m really getting off topic). Before the season I predicted that the Saints, Eagles, Colts or Patriots would win the Super Bowl.  I’m going to stick with the Saints and Colts, but I think just about anyone left can win it all except for the Jets and the Ravens.  The Jets are just too one dimensional to win even one more game, and I can’t see the Ravens beating the Colts or Chargers.