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Great ending for U.S. soccer in the World Cup against Algeria

June 23, 2010

What a great result today from the U.S. with Landon Donovan’s goal on the rebound, after so many misses (Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey) earlier on.  To score a goal like that two minutes before the end of the game to beat Algeria and advance is remarkable and highly unlikely.  It was all started by a good save by goalie Tim Howard, and then he didn’t hesitate and threw the ball quickly upfield.  If the U.S. plays Serbia in the second round instead of Germany, they will have an excellent chance to move on to the quarterfinals.


World Cup soccer: bad kicks and worse calls

June 20, 2010

Let me preface this by saying I am by no means a great soccer player. I do think it’s just about the most fun sport I’ve ever played, but I haven’t played in a league since I was 12, played a bit of intramurals in college, and played some pickup games a few years ago.

I don’t have any speed, quickness, dribbling ability or endurance. However, unlike some of the players in the World Cup, I can get a shot on goal.  I know it sounds ridiculous, maybe incredibly naive or arrogant to say that – they’re under great pressure and have people chasing them.

But if I had a clear shot on goal that was within the penalty box, I’m pretty sure that I would get a shot on goal, making the goalie make a save, or at least not miss the goal by a whole lot. Some of these guys are missing the goal by a mile.  They kick it so far above the goal or so far to the right  or the left of it, it’s hard to believe. So, yes, if I had a clear shot with no one covering me, I’d kick it on goal or at least make it respectable.

Second, the call against the U.S. in the last game against Slovenia disallowing Maurice Edu’s apparent winning goal was a terrible call – everybody agrees with that. Let’s hope that that call was just a mistake and not part of some scandal. The ref wouldn’t even tell the players after the game what the call was. If anything, it should have been a penalty kick for the U.S. because two players were being held.  Before you say no, there was a scandal in Italian soccer four years ago. The goal could mean the difference between the U.S. advancing and not advancing.  And how about one of Brazil’s goals today against Cote D’Ivoire? It looked like a possible hand ball, and after the goal, the ref was joking about it with the Brazilian player.

Vancouver Winter Olympics: USA Hockey

February 23, 2010

Last week I went to the U.S. – Switzerland Olympic hockey game in Vancouver won by the U.S., 3-1.  Here are some photos.

David Backes of the U.S. hockey team handles the puck moments before scoring to give the U.S. a 2-0 second period lead over Switzerland last week at the Olympics in Vancouver. Photo by Mike Frandsen
Hockey players from the U.S. and Switzerland scramble for control of the puck moments before Ryan Malone (#12) scores to give the U.S. a 3-0 second period lead at the Olympics in Vancouver.
Goalie Ryan Miller guards the net for the Americans against Switzerland last week at the Olympics in Vancouver. The U.S. won the preliminary round hockey game, 3-1.

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December 14, 2009

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