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ESPN’s NFL Blitz is a disgraceful excuse for a highlight show

September 25, 2011

Until a few years ago, NFL Primetime, an hour-long Sunday night highlight show of NFL action hosted by Chris Berman and Tom Jackson, was one of the greatest shows in TV history. Not sports history, TV history. They covered most games with a series of highlights over inspiring music, and they showed more than any other network. Now it’s done in bits and pieces. It feels like Berman and T.J. have been demoted. While Trent Dilfer is a nice addition, they only show a few games in depth, and today they actually showed just one highlight each from several games. It’s terrible.

The NBC show starts too early, so a lot of the games are still in progress, and the cast of characters act like deer in headlights, while Dan Patrick thinks he’s too smooth. The NFL Network is ok but it doesn’t have the music and it doesn’t have Berman and T.J. Plus the NFL Network is dominated by far too many Cowboys. Maybe ESPN isn’t allowed to do an hour long highlight show because of NBC or the NFL Network holding the rights, but either way, the Blitz is lacking.


Where is the NFL Blitz?

November 22, 2009

Why do we have the C Team on right now — Merril Hoge and Mike Ditka — providing analysis on today’s NFL games, instead of Chris Berman and Tom Jackson on the NFL Blitz?  We need highlights — not a studio show with ESPN’s worst analysts.  NFL Primetime used to be the best show ever — an hour long wrap-up highlight show of the NFL games.  Now the Blitz is all done in bits and pieces, and they’re not even doing that.

Ok, now the A-team is on.  But why not have them on the whole time?