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Best shows on Discovery, Science, History channels

August 15, 2010
Sometimes as I’m writing on my laptop, I’ll have a movie on TV on in the background for inspiration.  When there aren’t any good movies on, which is about 98 percent of the time, I’ll switch the TV to a series of channels next to each other including the Discovery, Science, and History channels.  There are a few more in that area too.  There are some really good shows.  Sort of reality but dealing with nature.  I rank the best of them with a couple of notes below.
  1. Man vs. Wild – On a recent show, Bear Grylls killed an Octopus by biting between its eyes, then ate it while it was still twitching.  He gets dropped off in places like the Arctic, Northern Africa, and tropical islands and has to live off the land and make it out.  That’s versatile.
  2. Monsters Inside Me – This is a great show about parasites.  People go to the doctor, they dismiss their problems, and later it’s found that they have some kind of parasites.  It makes you wonder how often people have them and they go undiagnosed.
  3. Rivermonsters – Jeremy Wade goes fishing for giant fish.  It always helps to have a dramatic British accent.
  4. Deadliest Catch – The camera follows several fishing boats who go off the coast of Alaska to catch crabs.
  5. MonsterQuest – It has jumped the shark a bit because so many of the stories are about Bigfoot, but it’s still pretty cool.
  6. Through the Wormhole – With Morgan Freeman, they discuss space, time travel, and other interesting stuff.
  7. Pawn Stars – Maybe this doesn’t belong here, but it’s a great show.  A pawn shop owner works with his father and his son to buy stuff people bring in.  Only in real life I never find old junk that I can sell for a lot of money.
  8. Mythbusters
  9. Dog the Bounty Hunter
  10. Intervention
  11. Ax Men
  12. How the Earth was Made
  13. Ice Road Truckers