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Scrap Howard 100 News from the Howard Stern show

August 22, 2009

Howard 100 News.  The concept just doesn’t work for me, and neither do the reporters.  I’d rather have more of the show, and Robin already does enough news.  As for news about the show, most of it is incredibly dull – they make stories out of nothing.  All four of the reporters are boring.  Lisa G has a whiny voice and she never says anything about her personal life.  Ralph Howard is really old and his style doesn’t fit the show.  I’m pretty sure Howard has him on for nostalgia – I think he had an earlier connection to the show.  Shuli is so boring in his style.  He has this monotone delivery that isn’t funny at all.  The questions he asks as well as his interviewees are decidedly minor league.  Who cares what J.D. thinks about anything?  Finally, Steve Langford.  He’s mildly interesting at times but the jingle is old, his overly exaggerated deep voice, alliteration, and pit bull style just aren’t very funny.  You could get rid of the entire Howard 100 News team or at least two of the four, and do other stuff instead of killing time.