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Washington D.C. sportsradio station ESPN 980 broadcasts Orioles games. Should they?

April 16, 2011

Why is a Washington, D.C. sports radio station airing Orioles games? This view of Camden Yards is from I-95, headed to D.C. Photo by Mike Frandsen.

Should a Washington, D.C. sportsradio station broadcast Baltimore Orioles games? WTEM ESPN 980 does – they have the contract for two seasons.  I find it strange because the Orioles tried to prevent Washington from getting a team for so many years. ESPN 980 doesn’t talk much about the Nats except when they have their beat reporter on.  They talk even less about the O’s, which is appropriate, but then it seems strange to air the games and never talk about the O’s.  I guess my problem is with all the Washingtonians who are O’s fans.  Why not be loyal to your hometown team?  I interviewed the station’s Program Director, Chuck Sapienza about ESPN 980’s decision to air O’s games.  Here’s the interview on


Has the Undertaker returned to D.C. sportsradio?

October 6, 2010

The call came in to the Mike Wise and Holden Kushner show on 106.7 the Fan shortly after 11 a.m. today.  The voice was deep, a little gravelly, and sounded familiar.  The caller’s voice was close to the phone, and he talked in sort of an authoritative monotone.  Dave from D.C. called in to say Randy Moss was past his prime after his trade to the Vikings and also said the Redskins need to build with youth. When was the last time the Skins had two young players like Ryan Torain and Brandon Banks? the caller asked.  Wise said it was a good call.

Could this have been the Undertaker calling?  The same guy who called Sportsradio WTEM all the time in the early 1990s but then mysteriously stopped a few years later soon after they mandated no more calls from people with nicknames?  (WTEM was then called the “team.” It was 570 on the AM dial.  Now it’s “ESPN 980”).  I have analyzed the call on the podcast, and my conclusion is that this was the Undertaker.  The Undertaker doesn’t ask you a question – he tells you the way it is, then you react to it. Kushner tried to shut him down, but you don’t shut down the Undertaker.

Later in the day, I heard Doc Walker on WTEM talking about the Undertaker but he was referring to Caps GM George McPhee. Quite a coincidence, but the real Undertaker had called 106.7 the Fan that morning.

Here’s hoping the Undertaker is back and he keeps calling both stations.  Maybe he has been back and I just haven’t been listening that much.