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Skiing in Denver at Loveland

February 24, 2010

After watching the Olympics, I decided to go skiing in Denver at Loveland. It was nice. Lots of powdery snow, long, wide slopes — actually easier to ski than where I had skied before — in Pennsylvania and in New Zealand. Photos courtesy of

Ski slope in Loveland, outside Denver.

I can almost hear that guy from the U.S. Ski Team yelling.


Vince Young is Underrated; Jay Cutler is Overrated

October 29, 2009

Isn’t it odd that the media hates Vince Young so much even though he has an 18-11 career NFL record, while Jay Cutler has practically already been inducted into the Hall of Fame despite a starting record in the NFL of 20-23 even though he had QB guru Mike Shanahan as his coach for his first two seasons?  Oh, and Cutler has had unbelievable receivers in Denver and Young had no receivers.  How about some objectivity?

Here’s a blog that also mentions Cutler’s sorry record in college: Does winning ever matter?  Apparently not.