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Are N.Y. Yankees Fans Bad People?

November 4, 2009

No, Yankees fans aren’t necessarily bad people.  You should root for the team from the city in which you grew up or for the team in the city in which you live.  So any Yankees fans who grew up in New York or live in New York are doing what they should be doing.

But people who adopt the Yankees as their team because of their success? I can’t necessarily say they’re not bad people. Same with casual fans who are fans because the Yankees win.  And if you did move from New York to another place, why not root for the new team?  If you moved to New York, why not root for the team from your hometown?  Or if you’re from New York, why not just root for the Mets?  They have the second highest payroll but it’s still 30% less than the Yankees and the Mets obviously have won far fewer World Series.

The Yankees have a payroll of $208 million.  Compare that with Pittsburgh ($25 million), Florida ($36 million) or Washington ($62 million).  Is this competitive balance?  I don’t think so.  Even Philadelphia, eighth in payroll at $111 million, barely has more than half of what the Yankees have.  The Yankees just always buy the best players.  This isn’t news but it’s still not right. How can Yankees fans take any joy in winning?  Fans who aren’t from New York or don’t live in New York should examine why they are Yankees fans.  Are you a frontrunner who is not loyal?  Is the idea of rooting for the underdog boring for you?  Teams like Pittsburgh have no chance to compete.

It’s sickening how the Yankees buy up players who were stars from other teams.  Mike Mussina, Roger Clemens, and Randy Johnson from years past, and now Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, and Johnny Damon.

Anyway, I’m boycotting watching Game 6 of the World Series now and instead I’m watching the Washington Capitals post-game show.