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25 best Maryland Terps of the modern era: Bias, Dixon, Lucas, Williams

March 10, 2012

The University of Maryland basketball program has produced some of the greatest players not only in the history of the Atlantic Coast Conference, but in all of college basketball. Below is my subjective list of the Top 25 Terps since 1970 (which includes the eras of Lefty Driesell and Gary Williams) first published March 24, 2010. See the updated list on Bleacher Report.

  1. Len Bias
  2. Juan Dixon
  3. John Lucas
  4. Walt Williams
  5. Tom McMillen
  6. Buck Williams
  7. Joe Smith
  8. Albert King
  9. Len Elmore
  10. Greivis Vasquez
  11. Keith Booth
  12. Steve Blake
  13. Ernest Graham
  14. Brad Davis
  15. Adrian Branch
  16. Lonny Baxter
  17. Steve Francis
  18. Greg Manning
  19. Johnny Rhodes
  20. Keith Gatlin
  21. Mo Howard
  22. Steve Sheppard
  23. Derrick Lewis
  24. Chris Wilcox
  25. Larry Gibson

Honorable Mention:  Jeff Adkins (‘81-‘85), Lawrence Boston (’75-78), Owen Brown (‘72-‘75), Evers Burns (’89-93), Nik Caner-Medley (‘02-‘06), Ben Coleman (‘82-‘84), Obinna Ekezie (’95-‘99), Rodney Elliott (‘94-‘98), John Gilchrist (‘02-‘05), James Gist (‘04-‘08), Eric Hayes (‘06-‘10), Will Hetzel (1967-70), Exree Hipp (‘92-‘96), Tahj Holden (’99-03), Ekene Ibekwe (‘03-‘07), Sarunas Jasikevicius (‘94-‘98), Cedric Lewis (’87-91), Tony Massenburg (‘85-‘90), Kevin McLinton (’89-’93), Chris McCray (‘02-‘06), Landon Milbourne (’06-’10), Dutch Morley (‘78-‘82), Terence Morris (‘97-‘01), Sean Mosley (‘08-’12), Byron Mouton (‘00-‘02), Jerrod Mustaf (‘88-‘90), Drew Nicholas (‘99-‘03), Jim O’Brien (‘70-‘73), Laron Profit (‘95-’99), Duane Simpkins (‘94-‘98), Terrell Stoglin (‘10-’12), Terrell Stokes (‘95-‘99), Terell Stoglin (’10-’12),  D.J. Strawberry (‘03-‘07), Herman Veal (’80-84), Jordan Williams (’09-’11).

This list was first published on March 24, 2010.


Try Hard. Do Your Best. Put Your Heart Into It. Be Intense. Care.

December 5, 2009

Don’t ever let anyone take your passion away.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re trying too hard or that you care too much.  Always put your heart into everything.  Don’t apologize for doing a great job.

As the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

But mediocre people are afraid of the opportunity for greatness.  They are afraid of change.  They like the status quo.

Of course, a weak person would say, “Nothing ventured, nothing lost.”  That means that they perceive any risk by looking at what could go wrong.

These people like the status quo.  They may say they want their lives to be improved, but they really just want to sit around and do nothing.  They’re more comfortable around people who are like themselves:  people who don’t try too hard, who like things to always be the same.  All they want is for things to be easy, safe, predictable.

They run from any and all problems, not realizing that by figuring out solutions, you can turn problems into opportunities.  They are afraid of progress because progress can be scary.  It involves change.  Progress comes in leaps and bounds along with a few regressions rather than in a straight line.

They are allergic to even the slightest bit of pressure, not understanding that a little bit of pressure can be beneficial.

They look for the easy way out.

I call these people the donut eaters.  Imagine government employees who have become complacent.  They just want things to be easy.

Then they wake up and wonder where the time went by.  They ask themselves if it was worth it to sacrifice the chance for greatness by putting comfort and familiarity first.

They vote on personality, not on the issues.

Weak people are also susceptible to the sales-type personality.  You can see the stars in their eyes when they listen to an authority figure speak.  They don’t remember what was said, but boy are they impressed by a good speech.  They don’t like honesty, bluntness, frankness.

Weak people aren’t loyal.  They aren’t there for you when you need them or when things are down.  They are there, though, for you when things are up.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you you’re trying too hard, that you care too much, that you have too much passion, that you’re too intense.

Try hard, care, have passion, and be intense.

100 Best Movies

April 12, 2009

Here’s a list of my 100 favorite movies.  This isn’t a list of the 100 greatest movies of all-time, just my 100 best of all-time.  I include a few old movies – keep in mind that I’m only old enough to remember movies from the mid-70s on, plus older ones that I’ve seen on TV.

The list is kind of random – I’m sure there are some I’ve forgotten, I don’t like horror movies or mafia movies, and I do like action movies even though they’re not always the best reviewed.  I include action, drama, comedy, sports, documentaries, and a little bit of romance.   So here are my top 100 movies of all-time.

1.       Bourne Identity (and Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum)

2.     Return of the King (and the Two Towers and the Fellowship of the Ring)

3.       It’s a Wonderful Life

4.       Stripes

5.       Terminator (and Terminator II)

6.       Raiders of the Lost Ark

7.       Rocky (and Rocky II)

8.       The Fugitive

9.       Memento

10.     Point Break

11.     The Wizard of Oz

12.     Back to the Future

13.     Airplane

14.     Slap Shot

15.     Risky Business

16.     Animal House

17.     Braveheart

18.     Forrest Gump

19.     The Graduate

20.     Stir Crazy

21.     The Game

22.     The Vikings

23.     Star Wars (and the Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi)

24.     Silver Streak

25.     Hoop Dreams

26.     The Firm

27.     Planet of the Apes

28.     Fast Times at Ridgemont High

29.     Surfwise

30.     The Da Vinci Code

31.     An Inconvenient Truth

32.     Vision Quest

33.     Swingers

34.     Kramer vs. Kramer

35.     First Blood

36.     Bad News Bears

37.     Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

38.     Patriot Games

39.     Tequila Sunrise

40.     Borat

41.     Kurt and Courtney

42.     Sicko

43.     The Dirty Dozen

44.     When We Were Kings

45.     Die Hard

46.     E.T.

47.     Caddyshack

48.     Clear and Present Danger

49.     Back to School

50.     Jagged Edge

51.     Ghostbusters

52.     Basic Instinct

53.     King Kong (1933)

54.     A Beautiful Mind

55.     Trading Places

56.     Lethal Weapon

57.     Enemy of the State

58.     Naked Gun

59.     When Harry Met Sally

60.     Minority Report

61.     Elling

62.     The Pelican Brief

63.     New Jack City

64.     The Lion King

65.     Awakenings

66.     Wall Street

67.     No Way Out

68.     Good Will Hunting

69.     Back to the Future III

70.     Sneakers

71.     Casino Royale

72.     Splash

73.     Dead Poets Society

74.     Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

75.     Speed

76.     Jaws

77.     Rain Man

78.     True Lies

79.     War of the Worlds

80.     Rocky III

81.     Close Encounters of the Third Kind

82.     Miracle

83.     Octopussy

84.     U.S. Marshals

85.     Platoon

86.     Paycheck

87.     Time Bandits

88.     John Q.

89.     Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

90.     Hangover

91.     Wedding Crashers

92.     Sixth Sense

93.     Sex, Lies, and Videotape

94.     Déjà vu

95.     Breakfast Club

96.     Iron Man

97.     Jackass

98.     Stand By Me

99.     Office Space

100.   Spy Game

Honorable Mention:  Coming to America, This is Spinal Tap, Shawshank Redemption, Total Recall, Ocean’s Eleven.