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Large crowd at Bethesda Apple Store for launch of iPad 2

March 11, 2011

The line stretched across six stores and restaurants as people waited for the iPad 2. Photo by Mike Frandsen.

At first I thought the long line on Bethesda Avenue at Bethesda Row was for Georgetown Cupcake.  At least the line turned out to be for something more useful, though I can’t imagine wasting time in line instead of waiting a few days.

The line that numbered a few hundred people stood outside the Apple Store in Bethesda for the launch of the iPad 2.  I will say this about the iPad – it has a lot of good, cheap applications for kids and adults with disabilities.

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People wait in line for the iPad 2 at the Apple Store in Bethesda.


Pizza Zero is Number One

April 25, 2009

Pizza Zero in Bethesda has to be one of the best deals in town.  A small restaurant just off Restaurant Row (, they specialize in wood-grilled pizzas.  The pizzas are a decent size – I’d say about a little more than a foot in diameter – enough for a filling meal.  The pizzas have a great taste from the wood-burning oven and they have 32 different types of pizzas, or you can get one to order. 

They have all the usual toppings plus some more unique ones:  Argentine sausage, arugula, chimichurri sauce, heart of palm, brie, goat cheese, manchego, mascarpone, Spanish boquerones, and Spanish sausage.  The owners are Argentinean and the restaurant makes really good empanadas.  The lunch menu is a really great deal with the average cost of a pizza at $6.50, and some as low as $5.50.  Empanadas (Beef, Chicken, Caprese, Spinach/Mozzarella, Corn) are very tasty and only $3.00.  They have a large screen TV that usually has sports on and there’s also a cool little bar with flat screen TVs to watch games.  It’s also kid-friendly with a few large photos of animals.  

Pizza Zero is just off the main area where most of the foot traffic is on Bethesda Avenue, one block west of the Apple Store.  It’s on Bethesda Avenue across from the Mercedes dealership and behind Giant.  You can park in the garage at the corner of Bethesda Avenue and Arlington Road.  The taste of the pizzas from the wood-burning oven is well worth it.