George Steinbrenner: the worst owner in the history of baseball?

I don’t believe you should only say good things about people who die, I think you should say the truth.

George Steinbrenner helped ruin the game of baseball by making it a game of haves an have nots.

The Yankees had a payroll of over 200 million dollars while some other franchises had a payroll of less than 30 million.  They bought up so many star players from other teams that it became a joke.

He constantly yelled at his managers as if that would help.

He made 20 managerial changes in 23 seasons from 1973 to 1996.

He paid money to smear one of his players – Dave Winfield.

Also see my previous post, “Are Yankees fans bad people?” I don’t think they’re bad people — just not real baseball fans.


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