A Storm of controversy around Hannah

A couple of years ago at 2008/12/05/most-beautiful-tv-news-women-2008/, I wrote this about Hannah Storm:

“She is very sharp.  She’s gotten better in sports knowledge and looks as she’s gotten older.  I didn’t expect to include her but now I can’t keep her out.  Her work is absolutely stellar, way better than it was years ago.”

Hannah Storm

As for Kornheiser’s recent comments about Storm being too old to wear what she wears, I think she looks amazing even though I usually  favor women who are a few pounds overweight rather than a few pounds underweight.  But one thing is certain.  If I had a choice between a woman in her 40s (like Hannah Storm), her 30s, or her 20s, nine times out of ten I’d choose the one in her 40s, especially if she were like Hannah Storm.


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