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This is an actual email I sent to a friend before the NFL season began. Go to the end to see my Super Bowl predictions.  Even though I listed four teams, I really did pick the Colts and the Saints to make it — the Eagles and Pats were just throw-ins.  I’m reprinting the email word for word, so excuse the out of context Vick stuff.

I have been wrong a lot in the past so when I’m right I have to point it out.

(And the Eagles didn’t use Vick enough).


Subject: Predictions

Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2009 22:56:27 -0400

I like the move.  yes it’s a distraction, yes it’d be awkward if McNabb struggles, but Vick is a better backup than all the backups in the league, or will be by midseason, plus they can use him creatively. McNabb, Vick, Westbrook, and speedy receivers?  The Eagles just became one of the top offenses in the NFL along with the Saints and Pats.  Vick might mean an extra win or two which is all it takes.  I applaud them for having the guts to sign him and take a risk in the too conservative NFL.  you have to gamble a bit to win it all.

Super Bowl:  I like Eagles, Saints, Colts, or Pats.


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