Interview with a Vampiress

Here’s an interview I did in 1999 with a Vampiress.  She talks a lot about philosophy and happiness.  For example, enjoyment is found in the now, not in the past or the future.  It’s good stuff.

The video says it’s intended for mature audiences, but it’s really pretty tame.  She’s wearing basically the equivalent of a bikini.  I rated it NC-17 so that’s why you have to verify your age.   To be honest, not many people read my blog anyway…

Is she a real vampiress?  Well that may be stretching it a little bit, but hey, vampires are big nowadays.  And as I will say in the next blog post after this one, the posts I do about women usually generate much more traffic to my blog than any of my posts on sports or autism combined although you can still expect a lot more of those in the future. For example, the Most Beautiful TV News Women of 2008 blog literally got more traffic than all my other blog posts combined, ever.

If some people think it toes the line of what is appropriate, well, it is what it is.  Guess what?  I guess I don’t really care anymore.  Listen to the wisdom in the video.


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