Miscellaneous Product Reviews

Product Review:  All printers I have ever owned in my life.

Rating:  Terrible.

If it’s not a paper jam, it’s an error message.  It takes forever for the printer to get reset, and most recently, ever since I’ve gotten wireless access, I periodically have to call the printer manufacturer to reset the settings.  Either that, or call the computer manufacturer.  One time I got an error message that basically said, “This is an error message.  See the manual for how to fix it.” Then the manual said something like, “Your printer has an error.”  It’s one of the reasons why one of my favorite all-time scenes in movies is during “Office Space,” when they take the printer out to the field and smash it with a baseball bat.

Product Review:  Every VCR or DVD player I’ve ever had.

Rating:  Terrible

They are so hard to set up.  Then if they don’t work it’s hard to figure out why.  Sorry, I’m admitting I’m not good at setting up DVD players.

Product Review:  Remote Controls

Rating:  Terrible

Every house I’ve ever been to has two or three remote controls — sometimes four or five.  They are impossibly complicated to figure out.


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